Mme Garbes Elina
16 rue des Coquelicots
13690 Graveson, FRANCE
Tel: +33 490 90 91 08

Welcome to my world of fluffy flat-faced darlings.

I got my first Persian in 1991 and he has been my beloved companion for 16 years now.  The circumstances did   not permit me to start a real cattery until 2006 when I acquired a black smoke Persian male BALT – my etalon cat.  After careful study of pedigrees and lineages I started to look for a suitable mate for him.  Thus, BABY entered our lives in the beginning of 2007 – she is a funny girl with an absolutely “non-Persian” personality: playful, curious and energetic.  One female is not enough for a cattery and I started to look for another one that would not only match all the contemporary standards of the breed, but would also have an unusual, unique color.  My search was successful and towards the end of 2007 COCO  joined us from Slovenia – she is a delightful and tender smoke tortoiseshell girl.

In breeding I use such well known lines of cats as: Clos de Bagneux, Palmetto, Petovia, Kikicat's, Ronlyn, Kyaleen, Fiesnet, Marhei, and Pinkfantasy.

My goal is to breed animals in all shades of Smoke Persian.

We are a small cattery - we are breeding according to the principle that quality is more important than quantity. Our cats live with us in the whole house - they are non-caged and bred and raised with a lot of love and care!

Our cats are all tested neg. for PKD

If there are any questions or if you are interested in a kitten, don't hesitate to contact

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